Purchasing a Vehicle

Purchasing from a Dealer

If you are purchasing a new or used vehicle from a Colorado dealer, the dealer will provide the sales tax receipts, title or Manufacturer's Statement of Origin (MSO), and an application for Colorado title (DR2395). Please bring in all paperwork received from the dealer and proof of insurance and acceptable identification.

The Colorado title should be presented to the County Clerk of the county in which you reside. A vehicle has to be registered within 60 days of purchase or late fees will be incurred in the amount of $25.00 a month not to exceed $100.00. You will also have to pay any accumulated ownership tax that is due.

Purchasing from a Private Party

Colorado is a title issuing state; therefore, a title is required to transfer ownership on all motor vehicles, including trailers.

When a vehicle is purchased from a private party who has a Colorado title the following is required from the seller:

    1. The title which has been properly signed by all selling parties with notarization of the signatures, if required. New Colorado titles do not require a notary. Older titles may require a notary, both signatures and hand-printed names of all parties are required; however, a Statement of Transfer (DR2445) will be accepted in lieu of notarization. If a selling party's name has been signed off by a Secured Power of Attorney, that document is also required.
    2. A bill of sale that describes the vehicle's year, make, VIN, along with purchase price and date. This is only required when the title does not include a space for the purchase price and date.
    3. If the vehicle is less than 10 years old and weighs 10,000 lbs or less, an odometer reading must be completed on the title.
    4. Collection of sales tax is based on the purchase price of the vehicle.
    5. A Vehicle Identification Verification is required on all out of state titles/vehicles. You can have this done at any local law enforcement agency, any Colorado Dealer or Emission Station.

      Gilpin County Sheriff Department - (303) 582-5500  Call to request an appointment for a certified VIN. Regular VIN inspections can be completed at the Sheriff's Department by walking in, or by calling (303) 582-5500 to make arrangements for an inspection at the Sheriff's Office, your residence, place of work or the County Courthouse, subject to availability. Gilpin Residents only.  Please bring all your paperwork, ID and the car being inspected!
Financed and Leased Vehicles

If you have purchased a vehicle and it is being financed or leased through a dealer or financial institution your paperwork should be sent directly to the Clerk and Recorder's office for processing. We will notify you via postcard when the paperwork has been received and you may come down to put plates on your new vehicle.

Please bring in the postcard, proof of insurance, and identification. Please bring in plates and current registration from a previously owned vehicle to apply any credit that may be transferable. Proof of insurance is required before our office can register any vehicle.

There will be a fee collected at that time to register your vehicle for the next year.

Vehicles being registered in Colorado for the first time may need a weight slip.

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